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About Us

NYIS Law Firm is a modern, professional and comprehensive law firm headquartered in New York with offices in California. NYIS Law Firm is dedicated to providing clients with a full range of legal services and is particularly adept in the field of immigration law. Our clients come from all countries, fields, positions and backgrounds. Our clients include international students and new immigrants who come to the United States with their dreams, along with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit research institutions, high net worth individuals and celebrities.

Core Competitiveness

As a modern law firm, we apply the latest technology into managing our law firm and providing customer service. We combine technology with legal expertise to deliver an efficient and flawless service experience for our clients through advanced automated case management systems and customer intelligence services. At each stage of each case, the client will receive an SMS and email generated by our case system, so that the case progress can be noted at any time. We provide clients with multi-channel communication from WeChat, online manual services to telephone, and mail to ensure timely and effective communication between lawyers and clients.

Strategic Cooperation

In order to better serve the public, we have strategically cooperated with many large institutions, news media, and platforms in recent years. We strive to bring our services to the people who need them most in the simplest and most effective way through various channels. These channels include the legal protection plan for the US student group launched in cooperation with China CITIC Bank, and regarding Emergerncy assistance programs with multiple media platforms.

The Culture of the Law Firm

NYIS Law Firm always puts the quality of service and client experience first. When serving clients, our high-quality legal services enable organizations and companies to experience unprecedented precision in recruiting and reserving talent. When serving individual clients, we respect and listen to the stories behind each client and work to ensure that their desired outcome is achieved.